Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top Korean Star Skin Tips

Assalamualaikum and morning all :) 

Hari ni qema nak share a few pasal macam mana artis Korea jaga muka dorang supaya nampak natural tp kulit flawless habes! Jealous kan?

So here the tips:

Siapa x kenal Suzy Miss A kan? Selalunya umur macam dia remaja mesti jerawat still sepah2 lagi and malas nak jaga muka.. 

Suzy amalkan 4-2-4 techniques.. 

4 minutes : Clean your face with an oil (coconut oil, almond or cleansing oil)

2 minutes: foaming cleanser means you wash your face with facial foam and a lot of foam (buih). The foam will help to trap the dirt. 

4 minutes: Clean your face with warm water first then followed by cold water. The cold water helps to tighten the pore (tutup liang2 pori)

Then use toner and moisturizer. 

Next is applying serum. Serum is very helpful to cover the age line (garis2 halus tanda penuaan)
So get your BEAUTEE Serum now!!! :D 

As you can see above, Suzy use oil to clean the face first. You can use Virgin Coconut Oil - Treenea which is sold here. Only cost RM40 :) 

p/s: Sorry ade cmpur BM and BI hopefully the message is there :) 

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