Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Own Shopping Mall :D

Assalam all :)

At last I am able to buy my own shopping mall :D 
Obviously it will make easier for my beloved customer to shopping with happily~ 

The Shopping Mall called = "Sweety Bella Shoppe" 

Why Bella?? Bella is beauty in French. No worries. If you are beloved customer from SweetyBeauty Shoppe, you still get the best service from us at "Sweety Bella Shoppe"

What do we have?? 

* Various of beauty soap. Made from Natural Ingredients. no chemical harassment. No SLES, No Paraben.

Lumiere Face Savon- Treenea 
Main ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Rose ship oil, tea Tree Oil, Honey

Marine Essence Beauty Bar 
Main ingredients: Bamboo Salt, Liqourice, aloe vera

Main ingredients: Bridnest, Collagen, 

The Best Supplement in TOWN!

Lets shopping here :D


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